Library Section
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The Library is one of the oldest sections of the LtE and contains over 32,000 volumes. In its reading room researchers can study publications of folkloric interest, while subscribers can check out literary and historical editions. Lately, its activities include “Monday Meetings” during which prominent speakers present a wide range of issues, live or online.

Ηρακλής Βόλτος. «Εφημερίς των Κυριών» τχ 1010 (1911) σ. 1715
Iraklis Voltos. “The Ladies’ Newspaper”, issue 1010 (1911), p. 1715
Η προτομή του Ηρακλή Βόλτου, έργο της Ελένης Γεωργαντή
The bust of Iraklis Voltos, by Eleni Georganti
Από τον χώρο της Βιβλιοθήκης
From the Library’s premises
Άποψη της Βιβλιοθήκης
View of the Library
The first issue of the Ladies’ Newspaper
The first issue of the Ladies’ Newspaper