2010-2011 Bulletin. 100 years of contribution...
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2010-2011 Bulletin. 100 years of contribution...
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One hundred years had elapsed on December 2010 from the day that Nina Foka, Irini Kalogeri, Aspasia Foundoukli, Erato Asprogeraka, Anthi Vassiliadou, Irini Nikolaidou and Anastasia Nafpliotou accompanied Callirrohe Parren in founding the Lykeion ton Hellinidon and listened to her read to them the mission statement of the organisation. 

The historical background of the formation of the Sections, the Annexes and the Bureaus of the Lykeion ton Hellinidon, as well as the celebrations organised on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary, are recorded in the Bulletin.

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Lykeion ton Ellinidon
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