Notebook No 6 Songs of Palatia of Marmaras, Asia Minor
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Notebook No 6 Songs of Palatia of Marmaras, Asia Minor
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The publication is based on the sound recording of eight songs from Palatia sang by twelve women, members of the Nea Palatia of Oropos Cultural Association, and representing only a very small fraction of the rich musical and poetic tradition of Palatia, Propontida. 

The Notebook is accompanied by a dvd and comprises a short informative historical retrospect on the four Marmara islands-with an emphasis on the village Palatia-as well as a reference to the folk muse of Prokonnissos (Marmaras).There are extensive comments on every song, especially on the lengthy, medieval song of St George, which is still sung in Nea Palatia. The texts are written by Thodoris Kondaras and are enriched by two maps and many older or newer photographs, quite enlightening to the reader.

The sound recording was by Yiannis Sygletos and took place on November 1992.

The edition was made possible thanks to the kind sponsorship of Lefteris Drandakis, as a small contribution to the centennial of the Asia Minor Catastrophy.

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Lykeion ton Ellinidon
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17 x 25
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Sponsored by: Lefteris Drandakis