Notebook No 5 Practices and Customs of Mani (Erlangen, 1893)
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Notebook No 5 Practices and Customs of Mani (Erlangen, 1893)
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The Notebook No 5 of the "Folklore Chronicles" of Lykeion ton Hellinidon was based on the essay Practices and Customs of Mani, written in 1893 by the then young doctor of Philosophy at the University of Athens Stylianos Petreas from Kardamyli, Mani.

The original text is photographically reproduced, while Katerina Daskalaki rendered the archaic language into modern greek, integrating, in translation, the excerpts in german and ancient greek it included. 

In the preface, the writer declares:

So, having diligently collected all the information about the Maniates and their land and compared it to what applied to their ancestors, I composed this short essay, in which it becomes obvious that despite the fact that the Greek land suffered multiple and various changes in the course of the centuries, those had a very slight effect on the character of the inhabitant of Mani, who preserved forever intact the practices and customs of his ancestors.

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Lykeion ton Ellinidon
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Sponsored by: Stylianos M. Petreas